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The minimum age to enter the festival is 18 – no exemptions. So please bring your valid ID such as Student ID, health insurance card, or a copy of your ID. We reserve the right to control IDs and send people home in case they aren’t at legal age.

First aid

You will find an ambulance at the festival ground. Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you or anyone around you needs help. Please take care of yourself and each other.

Film and Photography

Strictly forbidden!

Illegal objects

Any glass, weapons, animals, couches, generators, electric fridges, bulky waste of any sort, gas cartridge >450 gr., petrol cans or highly flammable substances, automobile batteries, explosive materials, torches, pyrotechnics, sound boxes, vuvuzelas, megaphones, PA-Systems are forbidden.

Lost & Found

In case you found something bring it to our info point. The person who lost it will thank you!. If you couldn’t find your lost item at the kiosk you can write an email after the festival to:

Shuttle service
The different locations will be connected by bassliner shuttles.

You’ll get a wristband for your valid ticket at the entrance. The wristband is not transferable.

In case your wristband is damaged please come to the entrance to get a new one. Lost wristbands won’t be replaced.


Take care of your belongings at all times. Please bring only what is needed to the festival as we are not responsible for damaged or stolen items.