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No animals allowed at the festival ground

Arrival & Departure Times

The Festival ground opens Thursday, 15.06. at 2pm and closes Monday, 19.06. at 6pm


There will always be an awareness team on the festival ground. Please contact them at any time if you or someone else doesn’t feel well and any cases of assault for affected persons. We absolutley don’t tolerate any discrimination or toxic behavior such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or ableism. Please look out for each other and get help each other. Get more informations about our awareness team: Anarchist Awareness Alliance (AAA) is a non-hierarchical freelance anarchist-based work-collective performing conflict resolution, anti-discrimination, and awareness work at events, festivals, and clubs.


We have limited space for camping with bus/camper. Once this area is full, there is only the possibility to park vehicles in the designated parking areas. Unfortunately, camping with cars is not possible at all on the smaller camping area, because our camping area is located in the middle of the forest. Please leave your camping stoves at home. Due to the danger of forest fires, camping stoves may not be used.

Car & Camper Tickets

For buses, campers, motorhomes and cars with mattresses you need a camper/car ticket.This must be purchased online in advance due to limited capacity.

Drinking water

There will be several drinking water tapping points.


The minimum age to enter the festival is 21 – no exemptions. So please bring your valid ID such as Student ID, health insurance card, or a copy of your ID. We reserve the right to control IDs and send people home in case they aren’t at legal age.

Film & Photography

Professional photography and all filming are prohibited. Please be considerate of each person’s sanctuary.

First aid

You will find an ambulance at the festival ground. Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you or anyone around you needs help. Please take care of yourself and each other.

Fire & Barbecue

Open fires are strictly prohibited! Since our camping area is in the middle of the forest, it is unfortunately not possible to grill there. Please leave your camping stoves at home! With the dry summer, we have to be super careful with the forest fire risk.


There will be several stands. The offer is mainly vegetarian and vegan.


Glass and bottles are prohibited on all beaches of Lake Helene. Thus, for our part, glass and bottles are also not welcome on the entire site. We would like to reduce the amount of glass bottles and other glass containers to a minimum in order to keep the risk of injury and the amount of garbage small. Those who would like to dance barefoot should be able to do so without worry. Therefore, please fill your drinks into other bottles or cups before entering the area.

Graffiti & Tags

Graffitis and Tags are strictly forbidden!

Illegal objects

Any glass, weapons, animals, couches, generators, electric fridges, bulky waste of any sort, gas cartridge >450 gr., petrol cans or highly flammable substances, automobile batteries, explosive materials, torches, pyrotechnics, sound boxes, vuvuzelas, megaphones, PA-Systems are forbidden.

Let's celebrate together

Enjoy the festival, take care of yourselves and your fellow human beings and rather ask once more if you have the feeling that a person is not well.

Psychological as well as physical violence and wanton damage to property will not be tolerated.

Lost & Found

In case you find something bring it to our info point. The person who lost it will thank you! If you couldn’t find your lost item at the kiosk you can write an email after the festival to: [email protected].

Pocket ashtray

We will distribute a certain number of pocket ashtrays on site. But please bring your own pocket ashtrays and do not throw cigarettes on the ground.

Safer Spaces

Sexist, racist, homo- and transphobic, anti-disabled and similar assaults will NOT be tolerated! In such cases, please contact the awareness team or the security. Nazis have no place at the festival. No means no! Whoever is looking for protection or needs a time out will find support at the Awareness/Psy-Care area.


There are shower containers, as well as permanent showers facilities on the campsite.

Shuttle service
Shuttle Services will be provided by Bassliner. You can book the tickets soon through their website.

Due to the closure of the shore after the landslide last year, unfortunately swimming is not allowed in the lake.  But you can go swimming at the Katjasee directly next to Helenesee. We will set up other splash and spa attractions on the mainland. It may get wet!


In case of severe thunderstorm (with lightning): Leave dance floor and event area. Keep calm. Get into the vehicles. Offer shelter to other visitors in the vehicle. Avoid the forest! Help those in need of help and injured. Pay attention to the announcements of the organizers.


There are toilet containers, as well as permanent toilets facilities on the campsite. In addition, there are also porta-potties and div. urinals. Missoir is also there – the best women urinals 🙂


Take care of your belongings at all times. Please bring only what is needed to the festival as we are not responsible for damaged or stolen items.


You’ll get a wristband for your valid ticket at the entrance. The wristband is not transferable.

In case your wristband is damaged please come to the entrance to get a new one. Lost wristbands won’t be replaced.