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Abralabim -Photo 2


Robert aka Dj Abralabim born in a small creepy town in Germany.

Since 2001 i have a special flavor for psychedelic music and Trips. 2003 many Parties and as well the sets of Goa Gil influenced me and brought me closer to Psychedelic Trance Music also infected my brain with the idea of collecting Music, so i started to and went to the Darker side of Sound to bring other people the Powerful feeling of Psychedelic Trance while dancing.

2006 friends and I created Amnesietheater Events to keep the Psychedelic sound real in our Area and spread around Amnesia Vibes with Psychedelic Trance. We booked Artists like Polyphonia, Highko, Cosmo, Sator Arepo, Dark Whisper, Rawar, Chromatec, Kasatka, Calyptratus and so on in their earlier stages of their carrier. the good old days.

Inside I am a bit of a freak and i love mysterious melodies, strange atmospheres, genius Sounds and also a twisted, powerful, groovin Kick and base around 142 -210 BPM. for my sets i am like a Chameleon, i am trying to be a part of the energy of the floor.

I prefer a few styles, the tracks just need to be good and danceable. Forest, Dark, Hitech, Psycore and all Hybrids in between.

The most fun for me is to play for freaks and Friends who want to disengage and drop out 😉 with new excellent Sounds.

Since 2008 i live in Berlin to operate from there, i love this music thats why i create my own Label Fractal Nebula Records. Fractal Nebula is the brainchild of Dj Abralabim, one of the most avid collectors of psychedelic music that this scene has ever had.

Based in Berlin, his experience as a dancer, dj, and host of many artists that passed through this city, led to the creation of this record label in an effort to harvest deep, organic, mind bending sounds from all the bpm ranges.