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Acierate. [ˈæsɪəˌreɪt]. Verb (transitive).

To convert (iron) into steel. That is at least what the Oxford English Dictionary might tell you if you searched for the meaning of this word. If you’d ask any raver from European Techno hotspots nowadays, like Berlin, Paris or Barcelona, who haven’t been hiding under rocks for the past few years, they might give you a different definition. They might tell you a story. A story about a DJ they can’t forget. A DJ who provided them with sonic experiences in a class of their own. Drivy, aggressive synth leads, encased by hammering industrial tunes. Music, so energetic, so undeniably going forward that it almost hurts not dancing to it. Because that’s what Berlin born and bred Acierate is serving his audiences. The founder of SYNOID and resident of Berlin’s infamous Griessmuehle has a indisputable reputation for unapologetic DJ sets driven by an unquenchable thirst for rave. Not in the sense of bluntly sequencing matching records, but in building up musical narrations. Telling stories not with words but with synth lines, high hats, snares, and a hell of a lot of bassdrum. Converting sonic energy into physical movement.

So, once again, what’s Acierate? Well, hear for yoursel