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Amadeus Joseph


Amadeus Joseph

Amadeus Joseph is a Colombian artist based in Berlin since 2014. He is co-founder and manager of the Ambient and Techno label called Inherencia since 2017. Inherencia is a label and as well a Dyaspora of latinamerican artists, they redefine the concepts of „latin and exotic“ through the Techno Catalogue and express the ancestral roots through the Ambient catalogue.

His musical identity is part of the label itself. His Sets of Techno are characterised for driving, tribal and industrial grooves leading to momentum of Breakbeats. Some artists have called his sets versatile, energetic and intense.

His sound has led him to play in Berlin clubs like Suicide Club, Aeden and About:Blank among other international festivals in France, Lebanon and the whole circuit in Colombia. Amadeus‘ productions have been released on labels such as Broken Mind Recordings, Alss, Planet X and Inherencia.