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Braindrop Press


If you are into the world of psytrance, this is a name that would have come across to you at some point. One of the genre’s most gifted and versatile artists , Braindrop is Sumith Suresh from India and one of the nation’s most celebrated underground music artists with a career spanning 15 years.

A truly unique artist known for his ability to blend organic and futuristic sounds across various sub genres with impeccable quality. He remains one of the very few artists from the region to have performed across 4 continents at various festivals and clubs. From Brazil to Singapore, Germany to Taiwan, Lithuania to United States, Israel to Thailand every performance of this globe trotting keeps the listener glued to his sets with his versatility and ability to surprise them, be it his explosive live sets or dj sets. It is this very key factor, that he continues to be in demand on various events and dancefloors worldwide.

Besides being an ace producer and performer, Braindrop also owns and runs the highly reputed Omveda and Occulta Records labels, both imprints that have a solid mark on the scene, as high level imprints with a very loyal and passionate audience worldwide. The labels have launched the careers of several well to do upcoming artists in the scene currently and continues to leave its mark on the scene consistently.

Braindrop has just released his 3rd studio album , Kreature. This is his first Dark Progressive album and has received immense responses worldwide from the music community praising its unique vibe , versatility and great quality.