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Queer and non-conformist by nature, Portuguese-born producer and Berlin based DJ Deepneue goes lengths to glorify a transgressive and sweaty vision of techno in post-Covid times. Through a new age sense of identity and utopian rebellion, Deepneue embodies a tongue-in-cheek personification of haute couture, erotica and art, genderlessly pushing a high energy spirit into dance music and the road that lays ahead.

Having run the gamut of Berlin’s club scene as a DJ, Deepneue co-founded the TrashEra communications agency, collective and platform in 2015 before solidifying his role in the city as a resident DJ of international repute for Pornceptual. 

With a background in theatre, film and dance, Deepneue’s musical leanings find a vent through fast-paced techno, bombastic mixes and deeper sound art productions for film and performance, with the energetic side of Deepneue’s music captured at full tilt for United We Stream, Rinse FM France and live for HÖR. 

Taking part in Unity Pride at Funkhaus in 2018 while enjoying a run of transgressive appearances in Tel Aviv and Bucharest to higher profile bookings in London, Finland and Greece, Deepneue launched the DARKROOMMAFiA event series – booking the likes of Daniel Wang, BNJMN and Scalameriya so far – with its label arm currently on track to release Deepneue’s debut record, Paradisaeidae.

With Deepneue’s DJ sets, productions and platforms continuing to provide common ground and respite for those caught between the margins of normative society, Deepneue finds its place within electronic music as a creature of the night and self-assured nomad from all tribes.

Resident Advisor