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The future is looking bright, at least if it involves Viktor Keller, aka future.666, tearing updancefloors left and right. His stripped down, tooly and trippy approach has made his name a highlight on any line-up in Berlin, where he is currently based. His pushy sound is pounding and usually powered by three decks he fully employs, delivering all the sounds needed for a sweaty, sexy cave-rave. Inspired by the 90’s as well as rave culture in general, future.666 is well aware of what the past decades of music have to offer and regularly draws from this for inspiration. Yet (as the name would suggest), his gaze is also directed forward, toward what is to come. Engaged with a wide network of up-and-coming collectives and artists, future.666 has placed himself at the forefront of the new techno movement, which advocates for faster, loopier and groovier sounds, harking back to the origins of the genre. To get a taste of the future, catch this wild BCCO resident at one of their infamous benders in Berlin.


Resident Advisor