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Maryam Zimmermann , Stage name MAYA is a Dj and producer born 1992 in Tehran / Iran. By 16 years old she started to play electronic psychedelic music and later, 2011 MAYA travelled to perform in India, got introduced to many organisers and got more into the surrounding culture of psychedelic trance music.

Although the Iranian law forbids her to officially present her art and vision, she persistently kept playing in the underground music scene. In more recent years she moved to Germany for university education and continued to play in international events like Masters of Puppets festival , HIVE festival , Hitech Universe festival , Camakavum Festival , SOS and undergrads partiesThe musical style of MAYA delivers a seriously mad & heavy Hi-tech storm vibes, which won’t let you stop dancing! By 2018, MAYA got into music production and soon released her first track. 2020 After joining the Parvati Workshop, she started a collaboration project with Rawar and later started to work with Kamino Records and working on her debut Album .