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Naima’s finesse of her DjSets contrasts with the violent energy she brings to the stage: her selection, mind-blowingly psychedelic, will take you into the mystical and powerful depths of psytrance made in Sangoma.

Sarah Naima grew up in an old hippie environment and extraordinary musical family. So love for and sensitivity to music came quite early in her life. Around 1996 she experienced electronic music for the first time and while she was Initially interested in many different styles of electronic music, she one day, experienced her first PsyTrance party in 2003, which changed her life forever.

Hooked to the energy, magical places and inspiring people she met within the scene, Naima started playing in 2009 and her career has taken off the last years, being booked for most major psychedelic events & festivals all around the world like Boom Festival – Portugal, Ozora Festival – Hungary, Universo Parallelo – Brasil,Hadra Trance Festival – France,Experience – Thailand, Midnightsun Festival – Norway, MoDem Festival – Croatia, Psy FI Festival – Netherlands, Antaris, Freqs of Nature, Waldfrieden,VuuV – Festival – Germany, Blackmoon Festival -Italy, Solstice Festival – Netherlands, Transahara – Marocco, One Love – Switzerland, Kosmos Festival – Finnland,Yaga Gathering – Lithuania