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Five years ago Sachsentrance emerged from a small open-air as a counter-movement to the Day of Saxony, loud, shrill, and provocative. As a label and brand, Sachsentrance has quickly established itself in the underground scene. The collective now includes five artists (Atreo, RaverPik, The Jakob Sisterz, and Sabu!). The Sachsentrance Residents are pushing a hybrid set of Trance sounds – the motto: always forward. They compliment each other fabulously through their extraordinary styles of Trance, Hardtrance, Acid, Hardhouse, Psytrance, Hardstyle, and Hardtekk. 


With the Sachsentrance Label, they have already produced and released two records, and a third is currently in the works. The Sachsentrance Residents tour all over Germany. Furthermore, they have residencies in Leipzig and Berlin clubs like Distillery, Conne Island, Zur Klappe, and Remise, where they curate regular events. For this summer, Sachsentrance is invited to international shows and festivals all over Europe. Killer podcasts include live sessions for HÖR, La Darude Paris, and Operator Radio Rotterdam.


Sachsentrance has become a constant part of the scene. With a lot of free spirit, humor, tolerance, and a great passion for trance music, they have set a dynamic in motion that goes far beyond the previous celebration. With a lot of good and true energy, they manage to celebrate themselves and their music in the hearts of their fans. The experiment Sachsentrance has become a unique experience, a musical rush of complete ecstasy. 


Nevertheless, Sachsentrance is not here just for fun – they want to facilitate attention and support for left structures and awareness work – with their parties they want to create a safe space in which a responsible and aware approach is guaranteed. Sachsentrance stands for resistance and protests against right-wings and any form of discrimination