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Sina XX

Sina XX – (c) Jorique

Sina XX

Sina XX is a French-Iranian techno activist based in Paris. Notorious for his fierce closing at some of Europe’s hottest raves, Sina XX is soundtracking a new conscious rave movement that stretches across and beyond frontiers, time and genres. Spinning records since 2012, he brought a new generation of clubbers to the harsher aesthetics of techno. Bread by a strong collaborative spirit, he launched Body to Body, a collaborative and  engaged label project which has garnered support from Ellen Alien, Hector Oaks and Perc to name a few.

Visionary at heart, Sina XX turned Paris’ alternative club experience on its head with his collective subtyl, launching a multidisciplinary, genre-crossing night series nurturing ritual and the crowd’s self-expression. Uncompromising in his dedication to his community, here is today’s herald for a new techno scene that is just as fierce and punk as it is socially engaged.