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Yiannis S. aka Tromo born and raised in Athens has shown great interest in music and music production from a very young age. He studied guitar and synthesizer and after experimenting with various rock and metal bands, he eventually was convinced that music is his calling.

Around 1997, he discovered the magic in electronic sounds and psytrance music by going to parties and festivals around Greece and Europe.

Influenced by the psychedelic trance scene, in 2007 he created the Tromo project and released his first track on Mighty Quinn Records.

In 2011 he joined Sonic Loom Music and continued experimenting with his unique sound and atmosphere. In the process of creating and exploring, two side projects were born „Quadraphonic“ with Antonymous and „OhmInside“ with Drury Nevil.

Yiannis released tracks on Sonic Loom and other well-known labels and performs in many events around the world.

“Harmonies Of Randomness“ is his debut solo album released on Sonic Loom Music on March 9, 2018. It consists of ten tracks all crafted carefully, carrying his personal style, memories and experiences of all the years he is involved in music and in the psychedelic trance scene, as an artist but also as a follower.