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In classical logic, the numbers 1 and 0 resemble the two states „true“ and „false“, and there is nothing inbetween. This is reflected in the digital capitalism and the patriarchal society that we are currently living in, as the individual is only reduced on its digital representation in the social media and on its function to uphold the creation of capital, and there is seemingly no way out. With their music however, 01100110 wants to focus on what is inbetween „true“ and „false“ and to create a space of imagination and a new way of understanding.

In their productions, 01100110 is constantly seeking for new forms and ways to expand the scope of techno methodology by seeking for more complex rhythmics, compositional form, and landscapes of sound.

As a DJ, 01100110 has been developing a signature sound based on their musical roots far away from the „oldschool Techno“. Industrial, Goth Music, Dark Ambient and Harsh Noise are just a few to name of those. Hence, their style can get very dark, but always in a way that it feels empowering to dance. With their radical techno sounds, 01100110 wants to embrace the listeners with all their emotions, their sorrow and delight, their rage and joy, and everything inbetween.

Musical style: Hypnotic Techno, Industrial Techno, Berlin Techno, 134-140 BPM, Melancholic, Deep, Dark, Radical vocals, Athmospheric, Melodic, Emotional, Polyrhythmic, Breaky, Violence and Tenderness, Dark Ambient, Noise, Drone, Experimental Electronic, Queerfeminist, Antifascist, Anticapitalist