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Chlär 3 (2) copie


Chlär holds this perpetual need to learn and improve, convinced of the fundamental relationships humans share with the groove. His productions and performances are attempts to awaken the tribal and primitive instinct that sleeps in each of us. His sets are direct crowd- galvanizers with technical and forward-thinking blends of grooves featuring loops of his own production. Always improvising through relentless 3-4 decks actions, his context sensitive approach to performances is fuelled by an highly effective audience reading which will guarantee an electrifying moment, no matter the set time and duration. He is also a former mastering engineer working with renowned labels such as Taapion, RAW or Ritmo Fatale and co-runs Bipolar Disorder Rec. Chlär is sharpening his musical senses and abilities on many sides of the industry, by being an artist and engineer but also working in A&R and Event Management, which recently led him to be the ‘’Raver’s Choice’’ from the Raving Spoon awards.