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Niuee & Aveyeva


Niuee & Aveyeva

Nestled in the heart of Berlin, Nikita Nikitin and Leevke Succow known as Niuee is a dynamic duo painting immersive auditory soundscapes in the vibrant canvas of ambient music. With their unique fusion of synthesizers and vocals, they delicately craft meditative soundscapes that are both dreamy and experimental in essence. Their tracks transcend the conventional boundaries of music production, interweaving compelling visual installations and enthralling live performances.
Influenced by an eclectic mix of musical genres and cultures, Niuee’s signature sound carries an enchanting blend of the familiar and the extraordinary, while evoking strong tribal and psychedelic undertones. Through the layering of lush textures and hypnotic beats, they craft immersive sonic experiences that transport listeners to a world of ethereal tranquility and rhythmic energy.

This performance will be by the addition of Aveyeva’s (real name Kristina Faleeva) evocative dance performance, an artist with a talent for spontaneous creation. Her improvisational performances are less of a calculated choreography and more an instinctive response to the atmosphere. Each act a unique manifestation of sensing, absorbing, and translating the ambient energy into a fluid dance form that involves engaging bodywork and captivating audience interaction.

Together, Niuee and Aveyeva offer an immersive performance – a unity of sight, sound, and spirit.