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Francesca a.k.a Psykia, is an eclectic DJ and Producer from the underground music scene, she studied violin throughout her adolescence and got a diploma in Electronic Music Production in 2004. After spending few months in Goa in 2008 she began her journey as DJ exploring all the nuances of forest/dark/psytrance but also progressive, techno and chillout.

Psykia has been djing around the world for many years now, she has also started making her own sounds lately and released tracks for killer labels such as Lycantrop Rec., Banyan Rec., Forestdelic Records and more. 

Her continuous research and peculiar taste of music has made her internationally loved by many followers thanks to her deep, atmospheric sets.

She is currently based in Rome but she never stops travelling and playing at major parties and festivals alongside the biggest names on the international psy-trance scene, she played at Universo Paralello Festival (Brasil), Tribal Gathering (Panama), Modem Festival (Croatia), Lost Theory Festival, Kalimela Festival (Spain), Atman Festival (Sri Lanka), Vantara Vichitra Gathering (Goa), Forest Star Festival (Sweden), Masters of Puppets (Czech Rep.) and many more. 

In 2014 she was asked to join Vantara Vichitra Records (India) and that marked a big turning point on her career, in 2015 she also joined Milega Records (Japan) and in 2016 she joined Banyan Records (Austria) .. much more on the way, stay tuned!