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Shaleen started listening to techno music at a really young age. To her this music and everything around it was always about togetherness, revolution, to stand up for the right things to grow and to experience them together. That was also in her mind when she started the SURD event series and upcoming label. She invented a feminine/queer movement in the west of Germany’s ruhr-area, where nothing like this existed at that point. A very significant point in her career was when Janein took her in as a new member of Seelen Records which quickly became a family to her. This is also where she released her debut EP early 2020, quickly followed by a release on the turkish label „Primus“ which stands up for women rights and another release on Brooklyn’s Whilrwindtraxx.
A lot of dreams came true to Shaleen such as a first appearance at Berghain’s Säule in 2019. Her music can be described as tough, raw and energetic – it can be a dramatic big room techno experience or a gentle flow with a huge amount of energy. While she is producing she is always tries to focus on what’s coming out of her according to the present moment. For her it’s a way to process her emotions. Whenever she uses vocals she uses the voice and lyrical talent of her best friend Courtney Calevra, who was also part of Surd from the very beginning.


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